The climate-controlled, custom built vault at Castle Cornette contains the result of nearly 50 years of collecting cool stuff. Stored here is my pro wrestling collection, containing more than 5,000 magazines and programs, 3,000 plus video tapes, 15,000 photos, and large stacks of newspaper clippings, fan publications and reference material documenting the history of the sport. There are also 10,000 comic books ranging from the 1930's to the 1970's, hundreds of related paperbacks and toys, a large vintage Disney collection, and thousands of horror, sci-fi, entertainment, news and music magazines.

Before I get my own episode of Hoarders, I've decided to sell some of it--many of those items are or will be listed in the Collectibles section, or at my booth at conventions and appearances. But the REAL treasures? In From The Vault you can see pictures and personal descriptions of my "private stock". Take a virtual tour of the Vault here!