If you want a signed copy by Jim Cornette himself, to whom should the autograph be made?

Jim Cornette has been called one of the greatest managers in pro wrestling history. See where it all began!

You've seen his classic matches and interviews with The Midnight Express, The Heavenly Bodies, Yokozuna, Vader, British Bulldog, Owen Hart, and other great stars on national TV and pay-per-view. NOW, for the first time in over 25 years, you can see his rookie year--the formative days of the Louisville Slugger from his first TV appearances and arena matches, unseen on TV since they were first broadcast, with some footage from his private collection that never aired on TV at all! See the interviews and bouts that introduced Jim Cornette to the world of wrestling! Each volume is a 2 disc set, with 5 hours of excitement for every wrestling fan!

EACH VOLUME COMES COMPLETE WITH AN ILLUSTRATED COLLECTOR'S BOOKLET WRITTEN BY CORNETTE HIMSELF WITH INSIDER INFO AND HISTORICAL NOTES ON EACH SEGMENT!! Both booklets contain numerous photos of all of Cornette's various incarnations of the "Dynasty of Champions", action photos, background, gate and attendance info and behind-the scenes stories! The Volume 1 booklet is 16 pages, the Volume 2 booklet a whopping 32 pages!

In Volume One, covering August 1982 to March 1983:

SEE -- Cornette's first TV appearances and clashes with Jerry "The King" Lawler, Bill "Superstar" Dundee, Dutch Mantell, the Fabulous Ones and more!

SEE -- Cornette's first matches as a wrestler, first main event matches, and first confrontation with the Rock & Roll Express!

SEE -- Cornette's first stable of wrestlers, including Sherri Martell, Exotic Adrian Street, Jesse Barr, Apocalypse, the Galaxians, and more!

SEE--Terry Funk rip Cornette's pants off on live TV!


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