Now With Tomato

Anyone who knows me and my lovely better half, Stacey, knows that we love good food. Even after my weight loss and better diet, I still love food, whether it be fine dining, drive-in or dive. The culinary portion of our travels or right here at home is documented in Now With Tomato. If you're looking for a place to eat or just dream and drool, this is it!


You've often heard someone say of their favorite hometown restaurant, "It's the best-kept secret in so and so", and often it is. But Clarksville Seafood, at 916 Eastern Boulevard in Clarksville, Indiana, is the only place I know where the secret is kept, almost guarded, by the operator himself. Current owner Steve Knear has often said, "We have all the business we can handle", and from eyeballing peak periods in the dining room, I believe him.


In my new position with Ring of Honor, I have made somewhat of aFaustian bargain--four times a year, I get to see and be a part of the greatest live professional wrestlingevent presented in the United States today, the quarterly ROH extravaganzas at the Manhattan Center in New York City. With the part of Mephistopheles being played by Cary Silkin, I am the learned Dr. Faustus of German legend who has opted for the chance to participate in these spectaculars, but in return must make the pilgrimage to the one place in the country that sends all of my various phobias and fears into overdrive--the Big Apple.