Fighting Spirit

I write a monthly column for Fighting Spirit Magazine, the United Kingdom's largest pro wrestling/MMA magazine, available on newstands across the UK. You can check out more about FSM at, but in the meantime here's an archive of my columns.


"It was twenty years ago today, Cowboy Bill taught the band to play"--well, actually it wasn't twenty years ago TODAY, just this year, and it wasn't a band, it was a group of goofy corporate businessmen, but as our erstwhile editor pointed out to me recently, it's been 20 years since Cowboy Bill Watts was hired to try to save the sinking ship known as World Championship Wrestling under Turner Broadcasting.


While the entire United Kingdom celebrates the 20th anniversary this August of Summerslam 92 at Wembley Stadium, the biggest pro wrestling event ever in Europe, the United States prepares to honor a monumentous occasion in it's annals of the sport as well, a 30th anniversary celebration--well, not exactly a celebration, more of a casual glance--a momentary glimmer of indifference, even--of the debut of Jim Cornette as a wrestling manager.


On the occasion of the upcoming 1000th episode of WWE's Monday Night Raw, our erstwhile editor asked your humble scribe if I had any amusing anecdotes, thrilling thoughts or ripping recollections of my days working for the evil empire, and especially of RAW episodes or locker room incidents.


Since the dawn of the human race, man has fought and wrestled for money, prizes, glory, to prove who is the best or the toughest--and while it's true that modern pro wrestling as we know it evolved from a uniquely American art form, there have been many styles of wrestling in many countries around the world as well. An article in this fine issue of FSM that you hold in your eager little hands attests to that. What many DON't know, especially our neighbors across the pond, is that if you look back, there were always until very recently varying styles of the grappling game in the United States itself, and fans who followed the sport closely until the late 80's could get great variety here without even taking international matmen into the equation.